Find My Bioregion

A key element of the Greenprints Initiative is to provide local communities with easy-to-use tools that support knowledge building and decision-making about their bioregions.

The map below will help you find your bioregion and sub(bio)region.

Future, planned developments of the mapping tool will integrate current and past land use trends, water management features, the status of native vegetation and wildlife, and other information to assist with developing a Greenprint for your region or bioregion.

Find My Bioregion

To find which bioregion you live in:

  1. Click on the search icon on the map
  2. Start typing the name of your street, town, or suburb into the search box
  3. The search box will generate a list of suggested locations.
  4. Select your street, town or suburb from the list of suggestions
  5. The map will zoom into your location and bioregion. Click on the map and your bioregion and subregion names will be displayed in the box to the right