Our Place: Getting to Know our Local Bioregion

April 18, 2020
All-day event

“Our Place: Getting to Know our Local Bioregion (Sunshine Coast)”, was a webinar run as part of the Greenprints Initiative, on Saturday, 18 April 2020.

See below for videos and audio from the webinar:

1. Welcome and introduction

Introduction to the forum, to AELA and the Greenprints Initiative (and why we’re interested in bioregions), by Dr Michelle Maloney. Followed by an introduction to the Sunshine Coast Greenprints pilot group, by Pollyanna Darling.

2. Uncle Tais

Welcome to country, and a talk about his peoples’ connection to country and the work of Biral Tours in sharing cultural knowledge. (audio only)

3. Ross Williams

Acknowledgment of country, introduction to First Nations’ peoples’ perspectives about Caring for Country/relationship with land and sea country; introduction to Indigenous science. (audio only)

4. Professor Ian Lowe

Professor Ian Lowe provides an overview of the South East Queensland (SEQ) bioregion, its geology, hydrology and unique characteristics; providing a western scientific perspective.

5. Susie Chapman

Sunshine Coast river catchments and estuaries: their rich cultural and ecological values.

6. Sandra Tuszynska

Restoring Soils with Fungi – an introduction to the importance of partnering up with plant symbiotic fungi to restore our soils, improve soil and plant health, sequester carbon into soils and create regenerative agriculture.

7. Narelle McCarthy

Introduction to the biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast – the range and diversity of plants, animals, insects, fish and life.

8. Joel Fostin

Introduction to the coastal zones of the Sunshine Coast – how these unique coastal zones are made up, with special mentions of pandanus!

9. Spencer Shaw

Introduction to some of the plants of the bioregion.

10. Meghan Halverson

The koalas (and other furry creatures) of the bioregion.

11. Rex Halverson

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve

12. Sue Davis

History of environmental protection in the region.

13. Q&A and Closing – facilitated by Michelle Maloney.

14. Final remarks from Uncle Tais