Mapping the Social Ecology of your Community

December 1, 2022
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (AEST)
Online (via Zoom)
Event Series: Greenprints Exchange Workshop Series

Join us for an important workshop about how to identify and connect with people in your community, in order to build collaborative processes. This workshop will be extremely valuable for people participating in Greenprints and any other collaborative projects that need a wide range of people included in community initiatives.

This highly interactive workshop will help you explore and understand the following questions:

  • Who needs to be in the process and conversations?
  • How do you identify key players in the system?
  • How do you invite them into collaboration?
  • How do you move forward together, honoring everyone’s ideas without become exhausted?


Caresse Cranwell and Deb Collins, from Wicked Elephants, are facilitators who help you to animate collaborative spaces. In this webinar they will take you into an exploratory mapping process where you’ll begin to see who and what is critical for the social ecology of systems change.


Greenprints is a program created by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) that:

  • provides a practical, step-by-step approach to help people understand both the big picture and the small details of how to transform our societies, so we can care for the environment, build new economies and thrive within safe ecological and climate limits;
  • can bring people together across communities and bioregions, to forge new futures, by joining up our existing and new efforts and initiatives;
  • is an Australian-designed approach, that aims to be accessible to anyone. It demystifies and connects the many varied concepts, models and methods that can be used to create ecocentric, sustainable and regenerative communities, organisations and societies (It helps you use Doughnut Economics, Global Ecological Footprint, Rights of Nature, SDGs and other approaches!)


The Greenprints Exchange is a community of people with expertise across an array of knowledge systems and areas of expertise, including: Indigenous law, philosophy and culture, across natural sciences, social sciences, design, law, planning, food systems, design, the arts and more. The Exchange is quite literally a way for people to meet, exchange ideas and share their expertise with the Greenprints team, and Greenprints communities.


Greenprints is for everyone – community activists, lawyers, scientists, Indigenous leaders, economists, school teachers – anyone who’s interested in or already involved in creating real systems change, to protect our environment and create new governance approaches