Lithgow Greenprints Project


The Western Sydney University Maldhan Ngurr Ngurra – Lithgow Transformation Hub (Hub), is a collaborative space for community, business, government, education and industry to come together to explore a vibrant and thriving future for the Lithgow Region. Through funding provided by the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program, the Hub is delivering a number of initiatives and projects across the built environment, creative industries and citizen science. The Hub is using the Greenprints framework to centre its projects in the ecological capacity of the region.

During 2022-2023, the Hub hosted community workshops and discussions about the future of Lithgow, across a range of topics and themes. The map stories below, are just a starting point for further conversations. They are a ‘snapshot’ of issues, ideas and places in our region. As you open each map story, you can scroll through to read an overview, or take your time and click on the maps to read more details.

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The Stories of Our Place

View the following ‘map stories’ for interactive snapshots of the Lithgow area.

Issues for further discussion

Photo credit: The old State Mine, Lithgow, by Liv Ellingsen, via Flickr