Greenprints Exchange

The Greenprints Exchange is a community of people with expertise across an array of knowledge systems and areas of expertise, including: Indigenous law, philosophy and culture, across natural sciences, social sciences, design, law, planning, food systems, design, the arts and more.

The Exchange is quite literally a way for people to meet, exchange ideas and share their expertise with the Greenprints team, and Greenprints communities.

Participants in the Greenprints Exchange


  • Dr Mary Graham, Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Queensland, and Kombu-merri and Waka Waka person
  • Dr Anne Poelina, Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council
  • Ross Williams, Future Dreaming and Bindal/Juru person
  • Professor Yin Paradies, Deakin University


  • Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe, Griffith University
  • Professor Will Steffen, Climate Council & Stockholm Resilience Institute
  • Professor Brendan Mackey, Griffith Climate Change Response Program
  • Duane Norris, University of Sydney & Independent Council for Ecosystem Restoration (ICER)
  • Dr Edward Morgan, Cities Research Centre, Griffith University


  • Marian Drew, Photographer and Artist
  • Caresse Cranwell, Wicked Elephants
  • Andrew Skeoch, Author, wildlife sound recordist
  • Aviva Reed, Ecological Artist


  • Professor Klaus Bosselmann, University of Auckland
  • Dr Nicole Rogers, Southern Cross University
  • Revel Pointon, Environmental Defenders Office
  • Dr Erin O’Donnell, University of Melbourne
  • Thomas Linzey, Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights
  • Mari Margil, Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights
  • Dr Geoff Garver, McGill University
  • Dr Philippa England, Planning Law, Adjunct, Griffith University


  • Professor Marcus Foth, QUT Design Lab
  • Sam Wearne, UTS
  • Kiran Kashyap, UTS


  • Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute
  • Robert Costanza, University College London, Institute for Global Prosperity
  • Katherine Trebeck, Co-founder Wellbeing Economy Alliance International
  • Mike Salvaris, Australian National Development Index
  • Associate Prof Anitra Nelson, University of Melbourne
  • Helena Norberg-Hodge, The Economics of Happiness – Local Futures
  • Andrew Buckwell, environmental economics
  • Haydn Washington, ecological economics
  • Joanne McNeill, community economies