Earth Centred Ethics

Earth Centred Ethics

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Earth centred ethics represent an alternative way of understanding ourselves and the world, which is different from the current dominant Western paradigm that sees humans as separate and individually oriented. 

Earth ethics is an ethical approach that is distinct from environmental ethics and could be further developed to form the starting point for a normative framework to act. A principles-based approach offers an expanded view of humans’ role on Earth and a whole of system change plan to implement it.  [1]

Earth ethics aims to orient people towards recognising the delicately interconnected systems of life that live through us, and support each and every one of us. We believe that the ways we think about ourselves, and understand the world, inform the governance systems that guide our societies, so we view our projects and dialogue in this area as being a critical part of the roots for larger change.


[1] Ballantyne­Brodie, Laura (2010) ‘Earth system ethics: a systems approach to ethics’, Post Grad Dip. MA (Ongoing). Yale University Center for Bioethics. <>